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3 Recession & Future-Proof Content Marketing Platforms

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Digital marketing can be intelligent, efficient, and cost-effective… but when done wrong, it can quickly become a money pit. So, let’s talk of low-risk, relatively inexpensive, and insanely cool content marketing platforms that will help you boost your brand awareness in the long term with a lower investment.

My two defining factors for a cost-effective platform are ROI (Return on Investment) and versatility… By the way, I’m a hipster, so all three options will be oldies but goodies. 😉

#1 Blogging

Blogging is my favorite content marketing platform by far! From powering up your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), building trust with your audience and potential customers, and serving as a customer service toolkit… your blog can do it all. It is also a mighty fountain from which all your other platforms can feed and grow. For instance, your social media or a newsletter can (and should) repurpose content from your blog.

The best part of it all? A well-positioned, strategically crafted blog post can help you nourish web visitors into customers for years to come and is easier to create than other long-form content formats — like a YouTube video or podcast episode.

#2 Newsletter

Newsletters are fantastic for several reasons – but let’s focus on the people’s favorite: money.

According to a recent report by Constant Contact, the ROI for well-segmented and well-refined email campaigns is $36 for every $1 invested. We are talking about an unbeatable ROI of 360% — and no other platforms can dispute the title of highest-converting marketing channel.

Now, let me clear this up right away: your newsletter will not likely give you those results every time you send an email… But it can help you build and segment a curated and nurtured email list that buys when you have something good to sell them, and that’s simply priceless.

#3 Social Media

Social media is the most frictionless platform to get started with. However, as a Content Creator, and after years of working with social media professionally, I must say it: Doing it right on social media is hard work and can cost you time and money.

But no worries, a social media strategy can be very straightforward and still provide great returns regarding brand awareness and building the desired know-like-and-trust factor all brands desperately need.

Also, a well-engaged audience on social media can make a huge buzz when you launch a new product, service, or marketing campaign… then again, that’s what everyone wants.

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