Por Published On: July 12th, 2023

Finding inspiration and curiosity is essential for creativity and high-quality graphic design results. Inspiration can be found wherever you go in the most unexpected places and times. Still, if you need inspiration for a problem you must resolve quickly, you would like to start researching to grasp new ideas and approaches to achieve your goal as soon as possible.

Getting inspired by other incredible creatives’ work is how you meet your most fantastic and unique ideas. So let’s get out of this creative blocking and let’s find your creativity with these websites:


Pinterest is a social network platform based on boards where you can easily categorize and save all your inspiration. This website is my first platform when starting a new design project.


On Adobe’s online platform, Behance, creatives, and professionals can upload their projects. At the same time, you rate them and seek inspiration from creative fields, tools, or color palettes.

Fonts in Use

This website shows the fonts used in authentic graphic pieces categorized by industry, medium, and typefaces. You can quickly get ideas on incorporating fonts into your designs and learn how typography can be used to convey a message.


On this platform, graphic designers and creative professionals worldwide share their work, find work, and get discovered. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily search and discover the latest design trends and styles, making it a destination for designers to find inspiration and community.


Siteinspire is a complete collection of unique websites from the whole world. Also, here features various styles, industries, and design approaches, allowing designers to discover new ways to approach their projects. At the same time, they quickly find the right inspiration for their specific needs and can filter results by style, type, and industry.


It is a blog with articles and tutorials on various design topics, including all graphic design topics. Providing a wealth of information to designers of different fields.


It is a vast collection of websites and emails that stand out for their incredible design. You can filter your search by software, platform, category, and even used fonts.


This platform inspires you to design websites in trend and different styles. Also, the exceptional talent of web developers, designers, and agencies is recognized here.


Now that you have these resources, you have no excuse to keep creating the best web design. Which was your favorite inspiration source?

Until my next post!

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Written by : Silvana Muñoz Tamayo

Graphic communicator that loves shaping visual ideas from brands with souls. I get to bond with people's needs and beliefs. When I design, I see how we are all connected!

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