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To understand the concept of a holistic digital marketing approach, let’s define the word “holistic,” Cambridge dictionary defines it as related to the “whole of something or to the total system instead of just to its parts.” Marketing is all correlated, and efforts on just one front may not have the same results.

As small business owners, we generally start with a great idea, unlimited possibilities, and goals to conquer. Once we start the journey we find ourselves, as colloquially said, the “gofers.” We are the ones in charge of digital marketing, social media, production, operations, human resources, accounting, and even taxes sometimes. Oh, did I forget about cleaning…? 🤪

I have worked for companies nationally and internationally, for small businesses and some of the world’s largest companies. I have created different companies throughout my life, some successfully, some not that much; but the most important of it all is the learning experiences I have gained.

I remember my marketing undergrad and grad classes at school. It seemed so easy to integrate all the moving pieces. Once I tried to apply everything learned, I faced a new world. When I created my first company I realized that I had to be the gofer to be able to afford to be in business. But at the same time, I wasn’t performing everything to my fullest. Through the years and experiences in the corporate world of consulting and entrepreneurship, I learned that every business owner will reach a point when time prioritization plays an important role.

I wasted thousands of dollars and many hours trying to figure out marketing. I even hired agencies to perform specific marketing tasks for my businesses (or employers.) The result was not as expected, but what I learned was the most enlightened aspect of my current business styl: as a business owner, your time is more valuable than you think. Isn’t it natural that you generate more revenue doing what you know best than trying to be an expert in all areas? I know that sometimes you have to do everything yourself, but your business will reach a point where you have to start delegating or outsourcing certain aspects of it.

Businesses need at least some marketing to succeed; in fact, after COVID-19, digital marketing became one of the most important aspects of our current lifestyles. We have influencers selling brands, and Google, Apple, and other major tech companies are leading the list of the world’s largest companies in the world… This is not only because of the devices they created but also because of the money they receive from advertisers worldwide. How many companies do you think are doing what you are doing? How many businesses are bidding for the same words and listings you are?

A holistic marketing approach talks about incorporating different aspects of marketing into your strategy. Digital marketing is one of them. Let’s say you created an AMAZING Google Ads campaign, and you can drive hundreds of new visitors to your website. Are you converting them? Are you telling your brand story in an engaging way? Is your e-commerce or website ready to sell or enhance your brand awareness?

Exactly! There are many variables in marketing that have to be aligned to have a greater return on investment (ROI). Let’s say you have an e-commerce website and you plan to run ad campaigns in social media and Google for $2,000. This sounds like a great budget to spend only on ads. It is not if your website is slow or you have to click through multiple menus and pages to get to what the client wants. Are your images in the proper size (weight and dimensions)? How about descriptions? Are they SEO compliant based on what you want? If your answer is “no” to any of these questions it is best not to spend this budget just yet until you improve your website.

On the other hand, if you have your website ready and want to start investing in Ads, maybe on Facebook, Google, Bing, or in other sites or apps — this can vary depending on your industry — it is important to reach your customers through different channels and apply a holistic marketing approach. Let’s say your clients search for information on Google but also visit Facebook or Instagram. The more times your customers see your ad on different platforms, the more likely they are to click on it.

One of the most important aspects of the holistic digital marketing approach is networking. Yes, you may be asking yourself, “Why? That is not digital marketing!” But it is now. Now, seminars, conferences, classes, and much more are via videoconference. Even Masters and Certifications are hosted online. Also, affiliating yourself and your business with organizations representing you is an important part of the strategy. Are you part of a minority? Look for a chamber of commerce or group that represents your heritage. Are you LGBTQIA+? Look for a chamber of commerce that represents you. There are numerous benefits to belonging to any of these groups. The first one is increasing your network, which most likely will prefer your services or products. They always have events, and members are always willing to give feedback and support. Your name and website will be hosted in their database and website, which helps SEO and improves the chances of organizations or individuals finding your business.

The right approach for your marketing needs will save you money, time, and stress. Go step by step, and don’t jump into spending money on ads without addressing your website’s or physical store’s flaws. Go and network! It is the most efficient free advertising! Combining all your efforts, you can conquer the world!

— Juan Arroyave, CEO at Skytop Digital Services.

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Written by : Juan Arroyave

I am passionate about making things happen! Most of the time, there is always a way, and I am eager to find it with you! I feel happy to be part of such a fantastic family/team. Let's always aim for happiness!

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