By Published On: May 5th, 2023

We all know the saying that “an image is worth a thousand words,” and it has been proven that a good image, with a well-crafted message and design, has a greater reach and conversion than text. However, there are studies showing that a video is much more effective, since we can deliver a greater amount of information to the consumer in a very short time.

A video can impact the consumer both visually and aurally. This happens because, in the video format, you can have animated graphics, video footage related to what you want to show, and people speaking directly to the camera… all of that happening simultaneously in one video.

In addition, you can add striking music or sound effects according to the theme and the voice-over. These enhancements place a greater emphasis on the message that’s being shown.

For these reasons, you should consider videos if you’re looking to expand your audience’s reach, improve your engagement and increase your conversions.

A study by Aberdeen Group shows us that 60% of the best companies are using videos in their marketing strategy along with static design, photos, and other related formats.

So, if you are thinking of exploring the world of videos to enhance your social networks, let me give you a few tips so that you can obtain better results:

  1. The first seconds are essential: When browsing social networks, interactions are usually short, so if you do not engage your audience in the first seconds of the video, they will pass by and will not see your video. So you should start the video with a striking intro, which generates expectation and the need to want to consume all the content.
  2. Good audio quality: The quality at the time of consuming the video influences, and even more so, the audio quality than the image quality, since people are more likely to see a video that sounds clean than one that doesn’t. It is much more comfortable to listen to crisp audio, even if the image quality isn’t as good.
  3. Not everything is about selling: Videos can have a great reach, but you must use them correctly to maximize their potential. You can, with them, generate an expectation in the user, make yourself known, create a connection, and, if the user engages with you, the conversions will most likely come. Seeming “sales” in your videos isn’t a good sales strategy!

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Written by : Camilo Buitrago

I'm Camilo Buitrago Quintero, a graphic designer at Skytop Digital Services. My passion is audiovisual production; for more than four years, I have been working on making promotional videos, video clips, and corporate videos; I am also a photographer, whether urban or professional.

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