Did you know that 88% of consumers and 47% of workers prefer relatable companies?

I recently stumbled upon a research paper stating that 88% of consumers prefer to buy from a brand that feels authentic.

But let’s also consider this:

47% of jobseekers evaluate a company’s culture before applying for a role.

Both stats make this saying even more undeniable: “Business is mission.”

The lack of a clear business mission cuts your ability to satisfy clients.

Surprisingly, many small businesses don’t have a clear purpose beyond sales.

It amuses me because:

  • Not being true to your business mission won’t motivate anyone to follow your lead.
  • It certainly won’t encourage your team to keep your brand’s consistency.
  • And worse, it can make your company’s voice fall flat and unappealing to customers.

Marketing strategies need to combine business goals with relatable messaging.

Paying attention to your mission and values is crucial for successful marketing. Full stop.

So, I recommend keeping your business mission handy.

It will help you know what direction to take when communicating with clients. Either one-to-one or massively —on social media, for example.

Your company’s mission should be the core of your business and marketing plans.

Let’s not overlook it; there is no way around it.

Rework your business mission or craft it from scratch, if necessary. To do so, I’ll invite you to ask yourself these four questions:

  1. What do we do?
  2. How do we do it?
  3. Whom do we do it for?
  4. Why should they care?

It doesn’t matter what exact words you use or how long your mission is. What matters is that it answers the four questions that will make your business make sense.

Connecting with your clients is a matter of authenticity.

Both as a somewhat annoying customer and an ethical marketer, I find it exciting to work with brands that take these things to heart.

But that was enough on my part, wasn’t it?

Let me know your thoughts on this!

Business and Marketing Mission FAQ

  • Why is a business mission analysis important?
    Good business analysis provides the clarity and direction needed to make decisions affecting the business in all areas: administrative, operative, and marketing.
  • What is a marketing mission statement?
    A marketing mission describes a business’s purpose in pursuing marketing strategies and other initiatives. It also offers a point of reference to evaluate their performance.
  • How does a marketing mission help achieve my business goals?
    A marketing mission can help a business focus on what matters the most for achieving the business goals. Marketing missions can change over time.