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ANEW Design

ANEW DESIGN is an architectural design company born out of a desire to do things uniquely. Thanks to years of experience and operation in the Architecture and Interior Design profession in New York City, Argentina, and Brazil; their goal is to make their projects run faithfully and neatly to the smallest detail.

Contemporary style with personality, simplicity, and attention to detail are the main characteristics of their designs, always respecting the existing conditions and history of the site.

What was the challenge?

ANEW Design wanted to strengthen its presence on social media and become visible in specific areas of New York, to reach its target audience and create an online community on Social Media (Instagram and Facebook) through brand positioning and brand recognition.

What have we done?

  1. Following the company’s brand manual, we established a clear and simple graphic design line.
  2. We focus on creating content focused on functionality within thematic axes of architectural design.
  3. We set a communication tone according to how the client wanted to appear on social media.
  4. We began to use tags of the places where the company had a presence to make it visible in those areas.


It was the increase in Facebook followers
It was the increase of Instagram followers
It’s the average engagement on Facebook
It’s the average engagement on Instagram