level ground mma website redesing


Level Ground MMA

Level Ground Mixed Martial Arts Make Combat Sports Accessible.

Their mission is to empower urban youth through transformative athletic, academic, and employment opportunities so that they may overcome the challenges of their environment and accomplish their goals for the future.

What was the challenge?

Level Ground wanted to improve its tech website platform and give its digital image a fresh new look to make it more user-friendly. To achieve this, the company decided to change its CMS to create a dynamic and modern platform that could streamline its programs and make its services more accessible.

To make sure they achieved their goal in the shortest time possible, they turned to Skytop for help. Skytop developed an amazing new website that uses the latest technologies to provide a better online presentation and an even more enjoyable user experience.

What have we done?

  1. We have developed a new website on WordPress to enhance their online presence. 
  2. We have also restructured the information architecture and organized the information in a user-friendly design to optimize the user experience (UX / UI). 
  3. Additionally, we have optimized the images and meta tags to ensure basic SEO optimization.


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