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UniFirst Corporation

UniFirst Corporation is a uniform rental company located in Wilmington, Massachusetts, United States. The company engages in the manufacturing, selling, and renting of uniforms and protective clothing. 

With a workforce of over 14,000 employees, UniFirst operates more than 260 facilities across the United States, Canada, and Europe. The company’s facilities include customer service centers, nuclear decontamination facilities, clean room locations, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.

What was the challenge?

Translate internal communication for different areas, including but not limited to human resources and company policy documents, from English to Spanish, while maintaining the original style, consistency, and tone of the texts.

Ensuring effective communication with Spanish-speaking employees is a crucial objective for the company. The translations need to be made maintaining the authenticity and originality of the text while conveying accurate and precise messages is equally important.

What have we done?

Our team takes great care in producing high-quality translations. 

  1. We put together a comprehensive style guide and term bank as a reference point for ensuring consistency in all translated documents. 
  2. We have optimized our operations to deliver translated documents within two business days. Depending on the length, it took us a week to deliver the batch of documents.
  3. Aside from human proofreading, we use advanced systems to ensure accurate grammar and the highest quality for translated documents


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