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When a new year begins, the call for innovation that arises from graphic creations is also born, and these visual expectations are generated in trends and styles. So we did some research about what we could see in graphic design by 2023, and this was the result:

Inclusive Photography

This is a trend that encompasses everyday life. Therefore, this reality must be represented from the design, where diverse humanity is shown without stereotypes. Different contexts, such as origins and cultures, are included.

Picture: Unsplash

Eco Mockups

We know that an awareness of brands to improve the state of the environment and implement sustainable values ​​has generated great revelation in recent years. What is sought with this trend is to represent colors and textures that reflect nature in ecological products from the design of mockups.

Picture: Envato

Vintage Nostalgia

Nostalgia is one of the essential tools in marketing languages ​​to idealize moments. For this reason, we will see trend designs that appeal to the culture of the 70s to the 2000s, where we will find digitized retro designs.

Picture: Envato Graphic

3d Objects

The responsible for this trend gaining more strength yearly is the metaverse. Objects with aesthetics that leave aside realism where intense colors are used with flattened shapes but with shadows and textures that give the sensation of interaction with the user.

Picture: Dribbble


There is. It is a whole world to explore. Different possibilities will arise because the only limitation one has is the mind of the human being. The creation of designs from the fusion of creators and artificial intelligence is likely to take force.

Picture: ianetica.com

Vibrant and gradient colors

Using bright, daring, and mixed colors will be the perfect excuse not to limit yourself when designing. However, it is essential to mention that within this trend, the weight and hierarchy of the elements of the composition will continue to be very important.

Picture: Envato Graphic

Dark mode designs

Regarding the preferences in the user interface, for this 2023, the dark mode will influence the user experience designs since it provides an elegant, modern, and pleasing aesthetic to the eye.

Picture: Envato Graphic

Illustrated fonts and organic elements

In our graphic compositions, we will notice the need to generate a greater connection with the viewer. This is why personalized illustrations and fonts are based on unique shapes. They will be a great tool to establish a better relationship between the brand and the consumer.

Picture: Envato Graphic

To finish, this 2023, we will see some trends that had already been gaining strength in other years, and we will also leave the door open so that, depending on the changes that we have as a society, they will give us the direction towards what we should aim for as graphic designers.


And you, what was the trend that you liked the most?

Thanks for reading; see you in the next entry.


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Written by : Silvana Muñoz Tamayo

Graphic communicator that loves shaping visual ideas from brands with souls. I get to bond with people's needs and beliefs. When I design, I see how we are all connected!

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