By Published On: August 4th, 2022

Keeping a good engagement on Instagram can be challenging as the algorithm has been changing a lot lately. However, we think of new ideas each month to give it a twist and always improve the performance. Creativity is the key to being outstanding and showing your uniqueness.

What do we have in mind each month while creating content, and why should you try it too?

We know increasing sales is ideal for all our clients, but the social media content strategy can’t just focus on promoting the products or services. Followers want to learn about benefits, history, and interesting facts they can relate to. Especially this type of content, which we call value content, is the one that helps us create a connection between a brand and clients and accomplish our goal of having more engagement on Instagram (likes, comments, shares, and saves).

So, ask yourself what can be related to your business and try adding different content to your posts. This is about trying and improving. Probably some content will work and others will not, but being consistent and innovative will change your social media performance.

Here are some ideas to create valuable content for social media in 2022

The functionality of a great idea depends on your business and target audience, not all ideas fit with your brand, but some content can have a good performance in general.

1. National and international days

We commemorate many days, like Take Your Cat to Work Day or National Napping Day, which are very important because we can connect with more audiences. Of course, you don’t have to celebrate each one, but choosing some celebrations will work with your brand. Also, this type of content is perfect for having more shares.

*Don’t forget to download our free monthly calendar full of many national and international days.

2. Recommendations

From books to movies, there are plenty of recommendations to share with your followers, so you can connect and start a conversation. You have a lot of knowledge about what you do; sharing some great references that helped you out can be useful for others and a great point to bring comments by making questions: what do you think about it?



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Help inspire others through quotes that your followers would like to see on a day-to-day and maybe share. A good quote is perfect to increase our engagement on Instagram because it’s easy to read and helpful. By giving your audience quotes to relate to and share, you will start making that relation you want so they can trust you and your services.

4. Tips

While growing up your business, you learned a lot of good tips about your services or products, and sharing some of them is a wonderful way to connect with your audience and start a conversation. Remember, social media is about creating your community to add value to your brand.

5. Pop culture meme

How do we break the ice in an awkward conversation? With memes, showing a TikTok or Instagram video, news, etc. All generations can relate to some tv shows, nowadays fun dramas or movies, and that is why using pop culture references can bring to your brand a new way to connect with your audience, as everything isn´t about talking directly about you. 

Look at your brand and check if your brand has a particular target, and focus on searching references to create more diverse content that lets your followers connect with your brand. However, if it isn’t the case, you can explore many ways to explore trending content formats that help you bring new followers.


Enjoy your journey and invest in your brand community!

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Written by : Ana Matute

Marketing Assistant. I have a strong passion for learning through literature, history, and cultural studies because it allows me to understand and approach different topics in a unique way.

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  1. Simon Meyer 10/27/2022 at 5:49 pm - Reply

    Consistent quality content will reassure your loyal clients that they made the right decision by choosing you. It will also help convince potential clients that they can trust you. Quality content shows that you know what you are doing and if done right— you can even be an authority in your industry. And that’s the kind of brand image you want your clients to see.

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