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When you are in a graphic process, it is essential to know the client not only at the industry level but also at a personal level because the fusion of this will give you the bases for the visual solution of their request.

Listening to their needs and understanding their expectations are the first step to achieving good results. Taking this into account, we could implement the following strategies:

  1. Know your client and their industry

    The most crucial step is to collect data and relevant information about your client as a person and their brand in the industry. It includes history, objectives, goals, budgets, audiences, and of course, the communicational tone of the brand.
    It is also imperative to inquire about the client’s tastes and reach agreements where you will see their preferences integrated and reflected and how they fit into the industry where their business is.

  2. Empathize with needs

    A client is a person with needing solutions. The client does not have much time and likes it when you offer them products and services where they feel privileged.
    Assertive communication with them and understanding their needs will help you to get better results. It includes being open to the feedback generated and the doubts that arise regarding your services.

  3. Make questions to extend the information.

    Ask your client what they want to see in the design, what they don’t like, and how they imagine it. Feel free to ask for extra supplies and information that complement the project. Ask for visual references and others. Last but not least, remember to clarify the formats and the intention or objectives of the pieces.

  4. Analyze the environment

    Conducting market research based on your client’s brand knowledge is vital. Analyze what and how the environment is doing and verify the results of the competition. It will give you a broader vision of what you can or cannot implement in your graphic pieces.

  5. Adapt your graphic knowledge by following the trends and needs of the client

    When creating the visual pieces, you must trust your skills, the previously acquired information, and the trends you can implement to finish successfully. So you can translate all this into a visual delivery that will exceed all expectations.

Finally, remember that you get good results when you put yourself in the client’s shoes.

Creating a graphic piece with awareness generates ideal results and allows you to grow as a professional and expand your knowledge in different industries.

And what strategy would you implement?

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Written by : Silvana Muñoz Tamayo

Graphic communicator that loves shaping visual ideas from brands with souls. I get to bond with people's needs and beliefs. When I design, I see how we are all connected!

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