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Is your business résumé making your company stand out on the internet?

It happens that society has changed a the same pace as technology, and we don’t only want to find what we wish to, but we want to do our due diligence and compare what’s out there. Years back, we went to the yellow pages when we needed a service or product. I remember looking at that giant book where small, medium, and big companies advertised or were just listed. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines happened and revolutionized the world! In recent years, everything has changed; we just “Googled” what we wanted, and that was it.

When recruiting personnel for your business, you always compare resumés, go to their past employers’ websites, go to their LinkedIn, google their names, interview them and perform reference and background checks. Well, consumers do the same when they are looking for the best options for them. They are interviewing you every step of the way, and you need to be ready to show them you are the best and that you are on the new yellow pages (Search engines, a website, and social media). How to do that? Creating an outstanding business resumé!

Maybe you are thinking, Juan, what do you mean by that? A resumé is intended to show the trajectory and goals accomplished and why the candidate is the best fit for an organization. A business resumé reflects why you are the best at what you do and explicitly shows your differentiator.

How to Put Your Business in the Map – Tips to Build a Successful Online Presence

How do I build mine? 

A business resumé is a group of digital assets where your customers validate your business background, history, and what you stand for. These tools include a website, Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, Google, and many other platforms. It is not strange that a customer visits your business digitally on all the available platforms. To build an outstanding presence, you should tell the same story differently (tailored to each platform) to persuade your client that you are the best.

What should my website have?

Every company is different and should present information differently; based on the message you want to relay. All companies should have an about page, a contact us form, and products or services. On the about us page, it is essential to explain your journey and what you stand for in a way that relates to the personality of your buying persona. It is always important to review your competitors in your industry to learn what they are doing and maybe incorporate ideas of what they are doing great.

What about Social Media?

There are many strategies, but not all of them work for every company. There is no right or wrong answer. Social Media is generally more personal and should appeal to your audience’s emotions. You should educate, promote, provide content of value and talk about you and your brand.

There is no actual formula for building an outstanding business resumé, but there are many tactics that can be used. I suggest you always reflect on your personality and what you stand for. This means that the graphics, tone of communication, and topics discussed should be unique to you and your brand.

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