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Impact-U Foundation

IMPACT-U helps and contributes to students from vulnerable communities in Colombia. Our goal is to assist them in reaching their educational goals by providing the financial assistance and educational resources needed to complete the undergraduate program and ultimately obtain a college degree. Promoting personal development helps build a stronger society.

What was the challenge?

Impact-u foundation wanted to establish a brand identity to reach their different audiences (students, individual and corporate donors, and volunteers) in Colombia and the United States across social media to build a community around education.

The objective was to create strategic content in Spanish and English that appeals to emotions and keeps the community engaged and aware, maintaining organic growth.

What have we done?

  1. We created and implemented a new graphic design line that reflected the organization’s identity. 
  2. We create monthly strategic content based on the organization’s goals that follow current market trends tailored to generate emotions in the audience. 
  3. We increased all social media metrics on all platforms, including but not limited to exposure, followers, and engagement.


Was the increase in Instagram organic followers
Was the increase in organic impressions on Instagram
Was the increase in engagement on Instagram
Was the increase in engagement on Facebook