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Kikos Coffee And Tea

Kikos Coffee & Tea is the #1 LGBTQ and Minority-owned Coffee and Tea Company in the US. They want to unite people over a cup of coffee & tea; for this, they are building a community where all are one family!

Kikos’s Philosophy is: “Every day should be the day to thank those around us. Our family and friends, clients, vendors, colleagues, even those that have challenged us in the way, because thanks to all of them, we are who we are now.”

What was the challenge?

To renew its digital image and create a better user experience (UX), Kikos Coffee and Tea decided to change its e-commerce; the goal was to create a dynamic and modern platform that would streamline its online sales processes.

This company turned to Skytop to develop a comprehensive e-commerce strategy based on the new development of the virtual store and then the activation of a digital plan that would optimize the conversions of its digital channel.

What have we done?

  1. We developed a new online shop in Shopify to optimize digital channel sales.
  2. We rewrite and update the product descriptions and images oriented to SEO positioning.
  3. We restructure the information architecture, optimizing and improving the user experience (UX / UI)
  4. We create performance-oriented campaigns (dynamic catalogs, shopping, and google search) and traffic campaigns for e-commerce.


Increase in sessions
Average returning customer rate
Increase in order values
Conversion rate