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Mendez Carpentry and Roofing

Dedicated to renovating architectural elements, Mendez Carpentry and Roofing are an interdisciplinary team of professionals and technicians with expertise in different areas of construction and design.

Their philosophy is to deliver a great product that delights their customers and achieves this. They give everything themselves, so the result leaves its mark and transcends time.

What was the challenge?

Mendez Carpentry and Roofing did not exist on the internet, and they wanted to start having a digital presence by creating a space where customers could find him and learn a little more about his services.

As the company was relatively new, they were unsure how they wanted to display themselves. For this reason, they contacted Skytop so that we could help them create a usable and attractive landing page for those who search for their services on the internet.

What have we done?

We created a corporate identity (logo and brand manual) based on the image that the client wanted to project.

Through the CMS WordPress, we created a landing page in which we centralized and organized the company’s information so that the clients could know them in an organized way.

The corporate image inspired this site’s design and met the current standards of usability, speed, and basic SEO.


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