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MODO Consulting

MODO Consulting believes in the right to access accurate, transparent, and up-to-date information about the real estate market and financial opportunities. MODO CONSULTING strives to democratize information, ensuring their clients have the knowledge they need to make confident choices that align with their unique needs and aspirations.

MODO Consulting is a company that acts as a matchmaker between real estate professionals and customers, providing comprehensive real estate and finance consulting solutions.

“Let’s embark together on a journey towards financial growth, empowered decision-making, and a more informed real estate experience. We are committed to being your trusted partner every step of the way.”

What was the challenge?

MODO Consulting used Skytop’s Remote Recruiting Service to find a within-budget bilingual English-Spanish Senior Sales Representative who would work remotely from Colombia. Among other skills, this person had to have specific knowledge of the industry, great sales skills, an energetic personality, an understanding of both Latino and American culture, experience with SalesForce CRM, and the possibility to travel to Boston when required.

What have we done?

After learning more about the company, the position, the team’s personalities, the industry’s complexity, and the clients that the candidate would interact with, we defined alongside the client the Key Selection Criteria (the musts and wants). We recreated a new job description that was tailored to the specific position. 

With the information gathered from the client, we created a plan to identify the companies where the ideal candidate may work and the titles that they may have. We always investigate the market and our database first, then go out and find more prospects. Once we had a list of possible prospects, we started having screening calls to identify the actual match with the Key Selection Criteria required for the position and interest. 

After identifying enough prospects, we presented MODO Consulting with a list of those matching the KSC. Once reviewed, the client provided feedback and specific questions to the prospects. Unfortunately, while we were searching for candidates, the position’s requirements changed. We started the new search and presented prospects that matched the new job description. At this point, we started the Behavioral Interviews and pre-selected three candidates. 

We booked interviews with the client, and MODO Consulting selected one of them. The process didn’t stop there! We ran a reference check and presented a formal offer to the candidate.

Once the offer was accepted, we met with both to thank them for their great decision!  


Found the ideal candidate matching the Key Selection Criteria indicated by the client. Both the candidate and the client have been successfully working together. Additionally, MODO Consulting was able to hire a top candidate with less cost than the one they have incurred if hiring someone in the USA