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Peter Burgos CPA

Peter A. Burgos CPA, a tax and accounting consulting firm, has assisted Long Island City, Midtown Manhattan, Astoria, and the surrounding communities with their tax and accounting needs for over 20 years. The firm helps individuals with their tax needs and businesses with their accounting needs, mainly medium-sized companies. Taking pride in the services they offer, they want you to experience them as well.

What was the challenge?

Peter Burgos CPA had been investing in Google Ads campaigns, focused on promoting his services in New York. However, the strategy they had been carrying out was consuming a high budget, and the results were not properly controlled.

For this reason, they turned to Skytop for us to help them create a strategy that would allow them to optimize traffic to the web and generate qualified leads (Potential Clients) and subsequent sales through digital media focused on Campaign Performance.

What have we done?

  1. We reorganized the structure of ad groups, campaigns, and ads, to create a strategy to promote a specific service per each Google Ads campaign.
  2. We create different pages (one for each service) for the landing of campaigns focused on specific services.
  3. We link Google Ads and Analytics in a dashboard on Google Search Console to have real-time statistical control from one place.
  4. We optimize the campaigns and the use of the budget focused on reducing the cost per click on each ad.


Optimization of the CPC
Increase in clicks
Increase in interaction rates
Savings in each conversion