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PRD Tax Services

PRD Tax Services is a company in East Boston, MA. They are an accounting company serving small businesses and individuals in Massachusetts. They have been in business for more than 11 years. 

They are a tax resolution company with a long history of providing financial services to help understand and solve their clients’ financial issues and meet their tax responsibilities according to the US tax law.

They have a reliable bilingual (Spanish and English) team, compounded by experienced financial advisors who help clients understand and make their tax returns as if they were an expert.

What was the challenge?

PRD Tax Services used Skytop’s Remote Recruiting Service to find a within-budget bilingual English-Spanish Staff of Tax and Audit who would work remotely from Colombia. Among other skills, this person had to have specific industry knowledge, advanced accounting technical skills, general knowledge of GAAP, an understanding of Latino and American culture, audit experience, working knowledge of Quickbooks, and a self-driven and proactive personality.

What have we done?

After learning more about the company, the position, the personalities of the team, and the clients that the candidate would interact with, we defined alongside the client the Key Selection Criteria (the musts and wants) and recreated a new job description that was really tailored to the specific position. 

With the information gathered from the client, we create a plan to identify the companies where the ideal candidate may work and the titles that they may have. We always investigate the market and our database first, then go out and find more prospects. Once we had a list of possible prospects, we started having screening calls to identify the actual match with the Key Selection Criteria required for the position and interest. 

After identifying enough prospects, we presented PRD Tax services with a list of the ones that matched the KSC. Once reviewed, the client provided feedback and specific questions to the prospects. At this point, we started the Behavioral Interviews and pre-selected three candidates. 

We booked interviews with the client, and PRD Tax Services selected one of them. The process doesn’t stop there! We ran a reference check and presented a formal offer to the candidate.

Once the offer was accepted, we had a meeting with both to thank them for the great decision they made!   


PRD Tax Services found the person who matched the key selection criteria indicated and within budget. There was a perfect combination in terms of culture and great work synergy. After the periodic follow-up we do with the client and the candidate, both agree that they felt happy working together.