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Studio M by Giseli & Co

They are a professional Spa and Beauty clinic in the heart of Medford.
Studio M by Giseli has an array of wellness offerings to help you renew and recharge. They offer a wellness journey that heals your body, mind, and soul. Giseli offers treatments such as HIFU, sauna, facials, body contour massages, lymphatic drainage, hidrogloss lips, wax, and much more.

What was the challenge?

Create an online community through the positioning of Studio M on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok) to increase their brand awareness. 

  • Increase the community on social media, specifically on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Create a digital identity to improve brand recognition.
  • Meet the audience and recollect data to create effective strategies to approach the target audience.

What have we done?

  1. Based on the company’s logo and website, we establish a graphic proposal (colors, fonts, and shapes) for social media content. 
  2. We created content pillars to produce consistent, quality social media content supporting Studio M philosophy. 
  3. According to the reports’ statistics, the monthly social media schedules have been modified each month to generate more reach. 
  4. Worked with the Studio M team to showcase new products, events, and partnerships.
  5. Created social media ads to support growth.


Increase on Instagram comments
Increase in Engagement on Instagram Reels
Increase of Average engagement on Facebook
Increase in followers on TikTok