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Positioning your brand can have many challenges, and Skytop Digital Services offers you an excellent opportunity to increase your leads and sales with Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

PPC is a form of online advertising that uses SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to make your business more visible. This type of advertising lets you see your spending results, as you only pay for advertising if the ad is clicked.

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Skytop Digital Services ensures every step focuses on getting the best for your business. We search for the best keywords and analyze each data we have to keep leveling up your results. 

Currently, PPC is one of the most profitable online advertising that allows you to decide what kind of customers you want to target based on your clients’ demographics, interests, locations, and behaviors. We create each campaign based on your business voice and message.

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The purpose of PPC is to make your brand and content known, attracting users whose searches specifically keywords related to your business, products, and online content.

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  1. Do you have extra capacity to handle additional clients?
  2. Is your business profitable with net positive margins?
  3. Can you manage the increased incoming leads to convert them into paying clients?
  4. Are your staff prepared to handle Leads coming through phone calls/form-fill emails?
  5. Are you aware that PPC is not magic and can take two weeks between closing the first deal and the account go-live?
  6. And the optimal results will take around 3-5 months when the Cost Per Client will be the lowest.
  7. Is your competition using Paid Media?
  8. Are you primarily getting new clients only from referrals/word-of-mouth?
  9. Do you know the Cost per Acquisition (max CPA) you are willing to spend?
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Note: Recommended max CPA:

For aggressive growth, target customer = 80% of MCPA to break even

For average increase = 50% of MCPA to break-even

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