Remote Recruiting

Find Qualified and Talented Employees!

Find Qualified and Talented Employees!

By using our services, you’ll save up to 50% on annual payroll costs per year, while ensuring that you recruit the best possible candidates for your company.

Revolutionize Your Recruitment Process

We provide a vibrant and creative approach to recruitment, allowing you to strengthen your business and maintain a happy and stable workplace. Our unique selling proposition is to find an incredible pool of qualified bilingual remote talent from Colombia. You won’t find this level of expertise anywhere else on the market!

Discover What We Do and How We Do It

Save up to 50% on annual payroll costs per year

Our remote recruiting service offers a variety of premium services, such as talent acquisition, easy payment options, and compliance with the law.

  • Consulting: We do the research to understand your business. We’ll find the right talent for you based on your specific needs.
  • Profile Preparation and Job Description: We put in the work to research and learn about everything there is to know about your business and your specific recruiting needs.
  • Identifying Candidates: We’ll identify market segments to focus on, send you progress reports and contacts made, including remuneration info on related sectors.
  • Interviews: Our team analyzes candidates based on competencies, including professional background, strengths, weaknesses, interests, and motivation. 

  • Candidates: We present the top 3-4 candidates for the final selection round. Confident, they will exceed your expectations.
  • Reference Check: We screen candidates with a questionnaire and at least three reference checks to evaluate their competencies, values, and skills and ensure compliance with labor laws.
  • Candidate Presentation: We’ll send you a report on the candidates. You make the final decision after interviewing them.
  • Economic Offer Presentation: We’ll handle offer negotiation, conduct compensation analysis, and structure an irresistible offer for your top candidate.

  • Follow Up: Our recruitment experience doesn’t end at closing the search. We support executives in their transition, reduce time and costs, and empower them to become rockstars.

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Our path has enabled us to accomplish great results, establish strong partnerships, and implement innovative strategies.

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Hiring Great Talent From Colombia!

Hiring Great Talent From Colombia!

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your recruitment process and transform your business! Contact Skytop’s Remote Recruiting Service today and let us help you take your business to new heights.

Frequent Questions

FAQ’s About Remote Recruiting

Remote recruiting is the process of hiring employees or contractors who work remotely rather than in an office or on-site location.
Assessing candidates during remote recruiting can be challenging. However, we have a qualified team and tools to help you to find the best candidate according to your needs.
Onboarding remote employees requires a different approach than onboarding on-site employees. It’s important to ensure that remote employees have the right equipment, tools, and access to the necessary resources to be successful.
Managing remote employees requires strong communication skills, clear expectations, and a focus on results rather than time spent working. It’s also important to ensure that remote employees feel connected to the team and the company culture.