Social media updates and algorithm changes
By Published On: October 22nd, 2022

The last few months have been full of Social Media updates that turned upside down entire Digital Marketing teams. And among all those nuances, Instagram testing many new features and video formats has been the most pressing.

But, as always, we must stay calm and keep our digital marketing strategies consistent. You know, making things happen!

Nonetheless, we thought you might want to learn a bit about what often happens to everyone’s profiles when social media platforms launch new updates.

Social Media Updates Causing Less Organic Reach

A significant reach drop has been scaring people lately, but it’s OK. As a platform — eh… hum… Instagram! — updates its algorithm, engineers and executives come together to restrict who sees our content.

That’s understandable. Launching new features, updating existing ones, or optimizing a platform’s algorithm is about testing. 

They need to find out if their innovations work and why. In the meantime, you can focus on posting precious value because, in case you forget, content is king.

Image & Video Displays Differently on Social Media

Content, especially video content, has been looking weird on some devices. Why does it happen?

Sometimes a platform tries to make our feed look like other newer, more popular platforms — could it be… oh… TikTok? — the platform changes the ideal dimensions for the images and videos we post.

Again, that’s normal.

But it also means content creators and designers must rework their content. So how can we fix this? The old trusted way: you go on your profile and check if everything looks good.

If it doesn’t, take a screenshot and let your social media team see if they can fix it. We promise it’s not a big deal!

The New Feature First Adopters Win

Finally, and to end on a really cool note, we all agree on one thing. When a social media platform updates or launches a new feature, the first ones to jump in and use it get rewarded with better engagement, as long as their posts are valuable content.

What does this mean? We must focus on working with the platforms and their algorithms instead of against them.

At least, that’s the approach that has worked wonders in this digital marketing agency. We welcome change and rock it because we don’t forget to have fun, even when things don’t go as expected.

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Written by : Carylis Palacios

Digital Marketing Specialist | I love working with companies with authentic value propositions and no fear of creativity. My gift is creating innovative brand messaging, advertising, and cross-platform marketing campaigns; in English and Spanish.

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