Por Published On: September 20th, 2023

We know that from all audiovisual content types, video is the format we consume the most on social media nowadays. Especially when they are short and eye-catchy – like reels.

Not all videos on social media are attractive, pleasing, and entertaining to watch. Moreover, some do not have good quality in both production and post-production. That is to say that when creating a video for social networks, we must try to shoot videos vertically. So that videos do not get cropped or look too small on the screens of our mobile devices.

Furthermore, we need to consider what content we will record, how it will be recorded, and how all will look appropriate for the audience. And that is how we can show the end user what we genuinely want to express.

The importance of quality on social media videos is even more pressing when increasing the target audience. That is because videos have a greater reach on social media overall. Therefore, the video reach we are talking about will help us achieve a better brand positioning, generate a positive user experience, and create quality content that is entertaining, diverse, and aligns with new trends.

Also, videos tend to generate a better recall in clients. As original videos often get engraved in our clients’ minds. Little by little, this can help us grow our audience and probably gain new clients.

Lastly, in summary, quality content, constancy, variety, and alignment with new trends generate federalization with our brand. It means that our users will start preferring our products, services, and other things we offer over the ones of our competitors.

And all of it thanks to welcoming the current trend of creating quality videos.

FAQ on videos for social media

How to record a video for social media?

Before you start recording, consider where the video will be displayed, the quality requirements, and details like using a nice background.

How to produce video content for social media?

Videos that summarize a concept, topic, or idea in a few seconds are the way to go. Your primary focus here should be on keeping it short and entertaining.

What’s the best social media platform for videos?

Short video content performs well on Tiktok, but Instagram is a great platform for this format while being more versatile as a marketing platform. The answer depends on the content you’ll produce, though.

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Written by : Camilo Buitrago

I'm Camilo Buitrago Quintero, a graphic designer at Skytop Digital Services. My passion is audiovisual production; for more than four years, I have been working on making promotional videos, video clips, and corporate videos; I am also a photographer, whether urban or professional.

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