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“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.” —Steve Jobs.

Delegation is not only a time-saver but can also help you foster an environment of trust and collaboration in your team. Regardless of your work culture, delegation is an art form that good leaders must master. But learning to delegate tasks without worrying about things not being done “your way” can be harder than expected.

Today, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks to help you delegate more effectively.

#1 Start by Setting Clear Expectations

Ensure that the person or team you’re delegating a task or project understands what you expect from them. To achieve this, be clear about the final deliverable specifications, the progress reports or increments they should deliver, set realistic deadlines, and provide any specific instructions you want them to consider.

Steps to Set Clear Expectations

  1. Set a timeline for the task and ensure everyone knows when they need to complete it.
  2. Communicate any guidelines that whoever will be in charge needs to follow.
  3. Provide any resources, such as templates or training materials, if you think they’ll require them or if they ask for them.
  4. Allow flexibility in the process by letting them work the best they see fit. You can also give your team some options or let them develop ideas for completing their tasks more efficiently!

#2 Break Down Tasks Into Smaller Chunks

Breaking down a large project into smaller, more manageable pieces can help ensure your team completes your projects successfully. It also makes it easier when having different assignees working simultaneously and tracking progress more accurately.

How to Reduce Big Projects Into Smaller Tasks

  1. Prioritize the tasks your team must complete and create a timeline for each.
  2. Assign each task to an individual or group.
  3. Set checkpoints where you can review progress and give feedback if needed.
  4. Take time to check in with the team on their progress.

#3 Avoid Micromanaging

As a successful CEO, business owner, or project leader, you can find yourself in the position of making more team decisions than you strictly need to. This is called “micromanaging,” and it’s a bummer.

So instead of micromanaging, guide your team — trust them to do the job you hired them for efficiently — and dedicate your brainpower to the big picture, which is your actual job.

Let Go of the Need to Micromanage

Of course, trusting someone else to do a job properly can be tricky. But if you want to delegate effectively, you’ll need to let go of your need for control and allow your team members autonomy over their tasks. Here are some steps to help you stop micromanaging:

  1. Focus on the big picture — what outcome do you want to achieve, and what’s your strategy?
  2. Set boundaries and expectations, then trust team members will do the work.
  3. Provide feedback and guidance as needed, but don’t be overbearing.
  4. Give regular progress updates to help keep everyone on track.
  5. Encourage employees to come up with solutions on their own.
  6. Celebrate your team’s successes and reward their hard work — this will encourage their efficiency!

#4 Know When to Ask for Help

If you need assistance with a task, don’t hesitate to ask for help. That’s what teams are for! Delegating tasks can be overwhelming, but having the proper support can make it much more manageable.

Leadership and Humility Go Hand-in-Hand

Finally, here are some tips for letting go of ego and the fear of not appearing strong enough as a team leader:

  1. Learn to recognize when you need help and don’t hesitate to ask for it.
  2. Cultivate an environment where everyone’s opinions are respected and valued equally.
  3. Acknowledge the hard work of your team members, as it will only encourage them to do their job even better in the future.
  4. Lead by example — if you don’t follow the same standards you expect from your team, why should they?

An Effective Leadership Style

Though initially scary, delegating can be rewarding with the right tools and techniques, so give it a try! With some practice, it can help you manage your time more efficiently while still maintaining quality work from your team.

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