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Translation and Other Translation-Related Services – Terms and Conditions

This document describes the duties, rights, and conditions concerning the translation and other translation-related services (from now on, “Linguistic Services”) that Skytop Digital Services provides (from now on, “Skytop”), will deliver to the natural or legal person who contracts the Linguistic Services (from now on, the “Client”).

These clarifications and terminology are essential to understanding the following terms and conditions.

The following terms and conditions are valid and exclusive unless otherwise specified in the proposal and agreed upon by both the Client and Skytop via email.

Considering Skytop reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions, the Client might want to revisit this document to be aware of any future changes to these terms and conditions.

The service

  • The service provided could be called “English to Spanish Video Translation” or have other similar wording. The terms and conditions expressed here apply regardless.
  • The Linguistic Services delivery is dependent on the conditions specified in the proposal accepted by the Client. Such acceptance shall be delivered through email by the Client to Skytop before Skytop starts providing any Linguistic Services.
  • The service will be provided by a native or bilingual Spanish-speaking team that Skytop considers competent enough to perform English-Spanish translations.
  • The delivery format for Linguistic Services will be PDF, GDOC, or DOCX.
  • The delivery channel for all Linguistic Services is email.
  • The source language for the Linguistic Services shall be English.
  • The target language for Linguistic Services shall be Spanish.
  • The minimum deadline for delivering the Linguistic Services services is four (4) days counting from the next workday to the date the Client provides all the requirements to Skytop through email.


  • Before Skytop starts working, the Client has to provide the final version of the source material. 
  • For voice-overs translation, the Client has to provide the scripts or pay to generate them through our service of “Specialized Translation, assertive communication.”
  • If the Client fails to provide the requirements within the time frame in the proposal, the delivery time will also be delayed by the equivalent number of working days.

Cancellation or Termination

  • If the Client cancels or terminates the Linguistic Services before Skytop completes its assignment, the Client pays Skytop a portion of the fees and associated costs proportional to the assignment’s progress; such a portion shall not exceed 50% of the project’s invoiced price.
  • If the Client cancels or terminates the Linguistic Services when Skytop completes their assignment, the Client will be obligated to pay the invoiced amount in full.

Additional fees

  • The Linguistic Services’ additional fees will be calculated on an hourly or per-word basis as the case may be.
  • Before commencing such additional work, Skytop shall notify the Client for approval.
  • Additional services that will require the invoice of additional fees include (but are not limited to) the ones stated below:
    • Research, probing, or investigation beyond what is generally required for any translation due to ambiguities in the items.
    • Additional services due to the Client changing the items to be translated after accepting the proposal.
    • Skytop may request changes after delivery based on either the Client’s decision to incorporate revisions in vocabulary or style that were not involved in the proposal or based on the Client’s new preferences or expectations or any new changes that do not correspond to a lack of accuracy or meaning in the delivered items.

Review (by the Client)

  • Upon receipt of the translation from Skytop, the Client shall review the translation and notify Skytop of any necessary corrections, stylistic preferences, or changes within two business days of receipt.
  • For all translations, the Client shall have seven (7) calendar days from the delivery date of the finished translation to specify Skytop of any corrections (whether for style, wording, syntax, terminology, or translation errors). Skytop shall correct any mistakes made by Skytop at no cost to the Client and within a period agreed between the parties. After seven (7) calendar days from receiving the deliveries, Skytop shall not make any modifications.
  • Skytop shall not make changes or corrections due to errors or modifications made by the Client.
  • The Client must provide a contact person to validate technical terminology and further specifications to Skytop’s team. The contact person provided by the Client will be responsible for clarifying doubts or ambiguities in the source content, text, or otherwise, and for the consequent result.
  • Skytop shall not make any corrections to content delivered by the Client unless otherwise specified in the proposal.
  • Skytop shall have no liability in connection with changes made by the Client.
  • The Client must review the delivered translation and specify any changes the Client considers to be made within the specified time in this document.


All Client information to which Skytop has access shall be strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed or published by Skytop unless the Client provides written authorization.

Furthermore, Skytop shall not be entitled to permit any third party to admit or post any information classified as confidential.

In terms of this clause, the concept of confidential information does not include:

  • Information in the public domain or that becomes public domain, provided that the disclosure of the data is not the result of a breach by Skytop.
  • Registration of terminology glossaries and customized translation memories compiled by Skytop. An exception will apply when the Client and Skytop agree otherwise in writing. Under the provisions of a special agreement and for a specified sum of money, these special glossaries become the Client’s property and are subject to the confidentiality clauses described herein.
  • The data stored in translation memories and other databases used for processing the Client’s documents are the Client’s data, and Skytop processes the data according to the Client’s instructions.


The Linguistic Services final product is the Client’s property under the conditions expressed below:

  • Upon the Client’s payment in full of the charges stipulated for the assignment, or those added for modifications and additions to this clause, the translation of the described items shall become the Client’s property, without prejudice to what the parties may agree in each particular case.
  • Notwithstanding the previous, Skytop shall have the right to keep copies of their files of the items related to the assignment. The resulting product of the Linguistic Services (and its memories) are subject to the terms of this document.
  • If personal data needs to be deleted from translation memories and other databases, Skytop would delete the entire Linguistic Services memory and/or database or charge a fee for filtering out the data (if possible).

Changes Made by Third Parties

  • Skytop shall have no liability in connection with changes made to the translation by third parties without the written consent of Skytop or changes made after the final delivery of the translation by Skytop.

Liability and Responsibility

  • Skytop shall not be held responsible for the content of the material received from the Client, the assignment, the delivery itself, or any other material associated with the translation or the source material.

The Client holds responsibility for any mistake or misinterpretation contained or derived from the product of the Linguistic Services. And for any consequences, those mistakes or misunderstandings might have in the future.

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