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As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we wear multiple hats. We are responsible for funding, sales, day-to-day operations, accounting, delivery, cleaning, marketing, and more. An essential part of any marketing strategy should include social media. We post what we like or what we think should be published, and we struggle to create strategic content to generate brand awareness and reach goals. Below, you can find tips that will guide you through the path of content creation for your small business.

We first must understand that all posts, reels, stories, and communication should be tailored to the target audience. Yes! If you don’t know your audience, all your efforts will be in vain. Do you know what problem you solve for your audience? What specific solution do you have to solve it? What is your brand tone of communication? Please consider these questions before you start creating content.

You know who your audience is, your differentiator, and the problem you are solving. Now what? You have to structure your content so that you don’t sound like you are selling all the time. Don’t you get bored when someone on LinkedIn only contacts you to sell you their services? Well, let’s not do the same. We all want content of value that will help us with the problem we need to solve. Let’s say you follow a coffee Instagram account; there, you find recipes and ways to brew your coffee and maybe teach you about coffee. Will you be more engaged with that account or one that only sells you stuff? You have to structure your post to create content that educates, provides value, builds brand awareness, and sells.

You have the structure. Now what? The fun part starts here! You will begin writing the copies (the message accompanying the posts) and design graphics. There are many design tools, such as Canva, that you can utilize. Make sure to go to your competitors to understand what they are doing and learn about the current trends. This way, you can create something that will incorporate the vision of your business and market trends. ALWAYS, make sure that the copy and the images are aligned.

The copy and graphics must tell a single story. In a way, every post interacts with each other. Are you planning to talk about a service you offer or the problem you are solving each month? Maybe something else? No matter what you want it to be, all the content for the entire month should be coherent. Otherwise, your audience could get confused about what you offer. Have you been in a sales call when the salesperson talks about everything but what you want them to tell you? You keep asking them what you want to know, and they keep deviating? Well, it is the same!

WOW! We made it! But we are not there yet. 🙂 The next step will be to post on your social media., BUT before you do that, please consider the following tips:

  • Do not oversell your brand using your full logo in every post. Full logos in every picture will generate unwanted noise in the feed. Instead of this, use the different parts of your logo. People are in your account, and they already know who you are.
  • Make sure you design your graphics for the specific social media channel. Creating and writing for LinkedIn is different than doing it for Instagram and Facebook.
  • Do not post everything in your main feed on Instagram. Use stories and reels to post daily activities.
  • Do not create congested pictures. Sometimes, simple is better. Unless this is the intent.

We know that all this process can be overwhelming. If you want help generating social media brand awareness, book a free consultation.

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Written by : Juan Arroyave

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